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(Contains: violence/gore)
Brother Torulf, take the rest of our bikers and go for their hart, this must end now! Jarl Bloodmane shouted with a feral growl in vox-communicator and simultaneously marked the path way that Grimax and his pack of heavy weapon maniacs needed to clear so Torulf could make a run for the traitorous sons warlock, with out him the automatons would still be dangerous but they would lose their objectives and can only relay on the basic order: Kill all the wolves.
As time and time again has shown Bloodmane and his warband uncoordinated enemies are dead enemies.

DEMONS! Howled the high priest Jormund paleblight.
Bloodmane felt the rush of demon blood in the air, smiled and let out soul chilling howl that the rest of the wolves joined in on. This time the ruinous powers had doom them self and the wolves knew it.
As on a given signal Shaman Lokif and the ferocious werewolves of the 13th seemed to meterialise out of now were and at the same time it felt like they had been there all the time, you just hadn't seen them.
Then the slaughter commenced in earnest as the demons feel prey to the ambush they had planed them self.
In the after match and mocking up aka kill stragglers bloodmane withdrew to his private sanctuary and and war: His mind.

He found himself in the cockpit of an M50 fleeing from the law enforcement, the coms flashed and a voice told him to stop and turn of all electronics.
This is I.M.M.N privet space security you are arrested for illegal racing and of theft, surrender now and you may be spared in a fair court.

Ha he said spared and fair in the same meaning this far out on the fringes Kai laugh for him self. First of if he was captured, again, he would be expelled from all official racing, again, and would have to go trough all the trouble of changing his identity, again, second he was flying a brand new M50 already fine tuned to be the fastest ship in the whole sector.
His only answer to punch it, he went from fast to ridicules quiet literally, everything went arse over eyeballs in a matter seconds as the ships main engines went to their maximum  and code name Feuergeist kicked in. All control was lost and the ship started to burn, it went for the maximum speed ignoring all safety protocols and other ships.
At first it seemed to fly randomly and then a pattern it was taking him somewhere and in the process losing all followers.
A jump point hidden away with a nebula all around it. The ship blasted through like it was possessed and on the other side a huge red star and smaller yellow one was waiting for him. it was empty except for the stars and a massive amount of asteroids, probably from the planets that had been crushed as the two stars meet and started to rotate around them self.

This is perfect I am trapped in a burning ship on a suicide protocol and no one will find me out here. He thought for him self as he tried to use something to escape his metal coffin. That was when the fire died out and it slowed down as it approached a dens area of the asteroid fields. A large hangar door (not entirely human made) opened up in a asteroid and well inside the ship finally let him free by doing his latest command: Activate ejector seat, a neutral computer voice stated frankly before he rocketered out of the cockpit, manged to slip off and pummeled down a good 15 meters or so before the rest hit the roof, he landed on something "soft" a large pile of rubber tubes and as he tried to get free from all the tubes he could swear he heard laughter.
You known there are easier ways of leaving a ship than using the ejector a person stated, he could not tel if it was male of female or if it even was human.

All he managed was to ask why am I here?
Because Feuergeist deemed that you needed help and was worthy of this place. It stated as cold fact.
Now you need to sleep, you have a broken arm, two ribs and a concussion.
The last thing Kai mentally registered was a needle pinch as a dart penetrated his skin.
Visions of parallel lives and fates. Prt 2
Part 2 of my Rp character in the star citizen universe, you should check it out.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore)
Once again night falls as clam falls after another fight with daemons and traitors.
At the hart of the 13th, the apex predator of the company made him self ready for the next challenged, the visions that always hunts in the night between fights for survival.

Jarl Kai of ydranil, also called Bloodmane for his blood-soaked hair, was named Jarl of the 13th when the former jarl, jarl Jorin Bloodfang fell in combat many moons before, in his last words he both gave Kai his blessing and the curse of visions that could have been. Most of the time it is just a flash of some thing insignificant like blue pigeons or four horned rhinos. But then there are the visions of his own alternatives if things where different and this night was one of those...

He felt the rush, the speed. All around him the fierce combat of space racing around one of the less legal racing asteroids where raging. But his goal was the speed, if he won this race he could finally join the true racing sport on the largest planets. But to do so he needed money for the starting fee (which he got after only a few races) but the hard part was a legal racing ship, no home made garage junk, they wanted him to get lost faster than fat horse-slug, and to get a legal ship he had three options:
One kill for it (never was good at doing that). Two hunt for a sponsor (those are way to corrupt to be trusted) Three race for it (and that is also less than legal).
So there he was speeding away as the others where busy shooting each other to smithereens, real nut-jobs. But as always no race is easy and these guys are the biggest cheaters and general scum the racing crowd can muster. So of course Jakyl is one of the opponents, Jakyl is one of the fastest illegal racer out there and he does nothing to even try and hide any of the rule breaking weapons he sports and is always using.

The vox crackle out a voice so slimy you think a dead horse liked you in the ear.
-Now it is just me and you Kai.
-As always you get ahead of your self, I will beat you past that finish line.
Kai almost snapped back, but he held his tongue this time because he remembered the last time he snapt something back, Jakyl used that com data to send virus that corrupted his ship against him. Not this time though. This time I will win Jakyl and this time I have a surprise for you.

15 hours, 23 ships and pilots, one race and one Jakyl later. Kai finally flees in his new M50, because of course it is stolen and the police show up just at the end of the race. First stop: Code breaker, got to get a new hull id.

End of part 1

Visions of parallel lives and fates. Prt 1
Just abit of RPing to the soon to be new game star citizen
I have just ordered most of the base models for my Biker (although mine shall not be bikers) mice from Mars squad :)
Now there are just their vehicles and two more members to acquire, in total they will be "five" members during the mars wars and "four" post-war. Why I say "five" and "four" is because one is not a mouse...

In other news... Well pokemon Y is kinda AWESOME! and I'm reaching the end of my excavator and wheel loader education, so hopefully I will get a job in about two months. Oh almost forgot I have started to swim, so by summers start I will have built some muscles and got rid of most of my slightly to large belly for my taste (after all I am the one who should be pleased with my body).
My wolves are at a stand still right now, do not really have the time to do much of my modeling but I feel that mostly it is because my room is badly planed right now (have to do something about that). I also am planing a GDI tiberian sun (space marine) army and an Karoliner, Swedish 17th century army, Imperial guard army.
I found the roadkill kickstarter when it was still going and got a bit inspired to do my own vehicles so right now I have, on my W.I.P. table, one juggernaut (large truck lots of guns), 3 medium to large size cars with some heavier weapons, 3 small to medium cars with some CCW and smaller size guns, 2 rocket cars and one special character... car... thingymajing.

Well i suppose that's that, until next time or if it is more appropriate: Until next winter. (For the hunt brothers!)


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